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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Show #57 - 09.04.05 (w/ Glassjaw)

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1. Glassjaw - " Tip Your Bartender" from "Worship and Tribute"
2. Nightmare of You - "Dear Scene, I Wish I Was Deaf" from "Nightmare of You"
3. Sons of Abraham - "Tired of Being Right" from The New York's Hardest Comp Vol. 2
4. Taking Back Sunday - "Error Opperator" from The Fantastic 4 Soundtrack
5. *Bootleg* Dashboard Confessional - "So Long" live
6. Men Women and Children - "Late Night Fist Fight" from their Demo
7. Cage (ft Daryl Palumbo) - "Shoot Frank" from "Hell's Winter"
8. Head Automatica - "Negro Spiritual" an Unreleased B-Side
9. Le Tigre - "Deceptacon" from "Le Tigre"
10. Non Phixion - "Rock Stars" from "The Future Is Now"
11. I Am The Avalanche - "Dead and Gone" from "I Am The Avalanche"
12. The Exit - "Let's Go To Haiti" from "Home For An Island"
13. *Vault* Vision of Disorder - "Element" from "Vision of Disorder"
14. Glassjaw - "Siberian Kiss" from "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence"

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