Domestic Disturbance is K-ROCK2’S local music show.... Broadcasting from a house In New Jersey, every Sunday Night at 9PM (with Encores Tuesday and Thursday at 10pm) Christian and Dubin will be playing music from well known and unsigned bands spanning all genres. Bands from New York, New Jersey & Connecticut… Your local music scene… This is your chance to be played on K-ROCK2 along side of some of the biggest names out there today.


Sunday, November 28, 2004

Show #18 - 11.28.04

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1.Ol Dirty Bastard - "Got Your Money" from "Nigga Please"
2. AM 60 - "Summer Time Girlfriend" from "Big As The Sky"
3. Seer - "Trip The Lung" from their Demo (
4. The Strokes - "When it Started" from "Is This It"
5. *Bootleg* Kevin Devine - "Black Boys on Mopeds (Sineade O'Connor) live @ Dubin's House
6. Interpol - "C'mere" from "Antics"
7. Lloyd Banks - "Bangers" (produced by Alchemist)
8. Life Of Agony - "River Runs Red" from "River Runs Red"
9. The Exit - "Sit And Wait" from "The New Beat"
10. Miss TK & The Revenge - "Elevator" from "XOXO"
11. The Distance - "And I Begin The Longest Year Ever" from "Your Closest Enemies"
12. *The Vault* The Beastie Boys - "High Plains Drifter" from "Pauls Botique"
13. Hot Rod Circuit - "Won't Back Down (Tom Petty Cover)" (Unreleased)

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