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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Show #173 - 11.25.07

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1. Thursday - "Dead Songs" from "Kill The House Lights"
2. Bring Out Your Dead - "Reptile Awareness Day" from "Bring Out Your Dead"
3. The Gay Blades - "Hey She Say" from "Ghosts"
4. Anxious Arms - "The Late Show with Scott Jablow" from "Vs. The Volcano"
5. *Bootleg* Dashboard Confessional - "Where There's Gold" live at the House of Blues in Atlantic City
6. *Bootleg* Dashboard Confessional - "Thick as Thieves" live at the House of Blues in Atlantic City
7. Crime in Stereo - "XXXX" from "Crime in Stereo is Dead"
8. The Color Fred - "Complaintor" from "Bend to Break"
9. Brand New - "(Fork and Knife)" from the "(Fork and Knife)" Single
10. Bruce Springsteen - "Girls in their Summer Clothes" from "Magic"
11. The Comas - "Come My Sunshine" from "Spells"
12. Men Women and Children - "Dance in my Blood" from "Men Women and Children"
13. *Vault* Texas is the Reason - "Back and to the Left" from "Do You Know Who You Are?"
14. *Vault* Gorilla Biscuits - "Finish What You Started" from "Gorilla Biscuits

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