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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Show #172 - 11.18.07

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1. Kevin Devine - "Just Stay" featuring Manchester Orchestra live at Austin City Limits 2007
2. Jet Lag Gemini - "Run This City" from "Fire The Cannons"
3. Thursday - "Ladies and Gentlemen: My Brother the Failure" from "Kill The House Lights"
4. I Am The Avalanche - "Symphony" from "I Am The Avalanche"
5. *Bootleg* The Color Fred - "I'll Never Know" live at the House of Blues in Atlantic City
6. Coheed and Cambria - "The Running Free" from "No World for Tomorrow"
7. Paulson - "Calling on You" from "All At Once"
8. Bring Out Your Dead - "And When The Dramamine Wears Off" from "Bring Out Your Dead"
9. Jesse Malin - "Hungry Heart" (Bruce Springsteen) from "Light of Day"
10. Anxious Arms - "Hey It's The 90's" from "Vs. The Volcano"
11. *Vault* Garden Variety - "New Guitar Parts" from the Anti-matter Comp
12. *Vault* Quicksand - "Shovel" from the Anti-matter Comp

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